Monday, 27 October 2008


'if i start crying, just GO WITH IT'
The asian couple is so cute!!

At one time, I was simply dismayed with the fact that Fred Flare did shipping that was something ridiculous like $40 ($40!!!!!).
But now I am further saddened to find that they no longer even offer the option of extortionately priced shipping!
AND they just opened a new store in New York, and yet we STILL cannot get hold of and of tha' goodz!
I am very confused when companies do things like this, as surely they should want more customers, and a large amount of their site visitors MUST come from overseas.
Wouldn't the sensible thing be to just charge what it costs to post the item?
Or even just a little bit over if they want to make profit??
I have been a fred flare browser for years now and it has NEVER been feasable or easy for me to be able to purchase ANYTHING from there.
Maybe it is karma, maybe it is fate. I SIMPLY DON'T KNOW!
For all this and more, I am allocating Fred Flare the sad tofu.

if you are lucky enough to live in the U.S or are like me and enjoy aimless browsing go here!

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